Spiritual Jewelry

From top to Bottom – ammonite pyrite, moonstone, black tourmaline

This pendant was my first piece of spiritual jewelry. Before I discovered the healing powers of stones and crystals, I had purchased and worn jewelry but had never given any consideration to the spiritual and metaphysical properties of gems. I just bought what appealed to me visually.

I consider this to be a powerful piece.  It has both a strong masculine and feminine presence.  The ammonite brings depth to the piece since it is an ancient fossil connecting us to the beginning of time.  The pyrite and black tourmaline offer both physical and energetic protection.

I used to wear this pendant daily.  Now I save it for special occasions.

Pyrite is an iron-based metallic stone exhibiting a gold or silver color. The golden type is often called “fools gold.” It is known for increasing vitality in the physical body.

Ammonites are extinct ancient sea creatures. A pyrite ammonite is an ammonite that has been preserved by pyrite crystals that encased and filled its shell.

Moonstone is known as the gem of High Priestess, connecting us to all that is divinely feminine. It’s blue-white sheen and reflective qualities are reminiscent of the moon. It is associated with the cycles of the moon as well as the cycles of life.

Black tourmaline is known for its protective and clearing properties.