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American inventor, scientist, and microbiologist Royal Raymond Rife (1888–1971) was revolutionary in his time, yet his work is highly controversial. Some still consider his discoveries to be at the forefront of healing disease, while others consider his machines to be quackery. This article will focus on Rife’s work as it is documented by his followers and will also give links to read about those who do not believe in his discoveries.

Rife believed cancer is caused by very specific viruses that live inside each cancer cell. He speculated that if you could kill the virus, the cancer cells would revert back to healthy cells. In 1933 Rife set out to prove his theory by building the Universal Microscope, which was the first microscope that allowed one to see live viruses. This provided the opportunity to see how these viruses interact with their environment. Both the “birth” and “death” of a virus could now be observed.

Rife began exposing cancer and other diseased cells to specific wave frequencies. Through his experimentation, he was able to pinpoint the exact frequency needed to kill the “cancer virus” and restore the cell back to a healthy state. He identified the frequency needed for other disease states, as well—such as herpes, polio, and spinal meningitis. His technology, known as frequency therapy, is based on the understanding that there is a connection between frequency and disease states. According to frequency therapy, a virus, microbe, parasite, or any other cell is susceptible to a specific frequency that causes its demise, almost immediately upon exposure. This is known as the Mortal Oscillatory Rate, or the M.O.R., of that particular foreign microbe or parasite.

In 1934 Rife had the opportunity to apply what he had learned to humans when 16 terminal cancer patients went to Rife’s lab for treatment under supervision of a special medical research committee from the University of Southern California. After 90 days of treatment, the committee found that 86.5% of the patients had been completely cured. The remaining 13.5% of the patients improved in the following 4 weeks as Rife continued to upgrade his technology.

In 1944, the Smithsonian Institution acknowledged in their annual report what Rife had discovered: “Disease organisms such as … tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, streptococcus … and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies.”

Despite the recognition of Rife’s work by some, many still opposed it, and his theories and machines eventually went underground. According to the book The Cancer Cure that Worked, by Barry Lynes, Rife’s work was suppressed because it conflicted with orthodox medical views at the time. Lynes’s book documents the development, suppression, and reemergence of Rife’s work. For a more balanced perspective, you may also wish to read about those who doubt Rife’s accomplishments (e.g., Abrams, Rife, and Radionics Discredited or Dr. Weil on Rife and Rife Machines.)

The original Rife Machine isn’t available anymore, since the parts Rife used are no longer manufactured. However, there are healing centers that use various models of the Rife Machine, and there are avenues for purchasing one. You can even make your own machine.

Information on the internet is confusing as to what the best machine is and where one can be purchased. According to a website that outlines the history of Rife Machines, the two most important considerations for purchasing a machine are: 1) a frequency range that runs from 1 Hertz to 20 Megahertz; and 2) sufficient power output. In general, the higher the voltage the better the generator will work; it should have at least 35 volts peak to peak, but 120 volts peak to peak may provide better performance. A nonprofit organization called the Chelsea Sanctuary recommends the GB4000 model or the F165 model. (There are also many other models.) Modern Rife Machines have a box with a programmable computer inside. You can use this computer to select desired frequencies. Pads can be plugged into the computer and placed on the body to allow the body to receive the right frequencies at the needed places.

I personally tried the Rife Machine, but I found it to be agitating. I did not end up using it as one of my primary treatments. For me it was more of a little experiment that took me to the next step. Part of the problem was getting proper consultation. It was hard to know which frequencies to use and how long treatments should be. I did finally get proper consultation from a woman in Canada who has much experience with the Rife Machine, as well as with other alternative treatments. Based on urine and saliva samples I sent her, she was able to provide me with a Rife protocol tailored to my needs. Ultimately, however, the Rife Machine turned out not to be the best fit for me.


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