The BEMER Machine

The BEMER addresses one of the major causes of illness—lack of circulation. Proper circulation is essential to the healthy functioning of every system in the body. While the BEMER does not treat cancer directly, it can help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Also, by reducing stress, regulating sleep, and reducing pain, the BEMER equips the body to better deal with the challenge of cancer. The body cannot function optimally when there is stagnancy. A healthy body is a flowing body.

Treatment sessions are eight minutes long and are usually prescribed twice a day in the beginning of treatment. You receive your treatment lying on a mat that is plugged into a mini computer that can be programmed to adjust the amount of time and the frequency of the pulse. There are ten frequencies, each targeting a different system in the body. For example, level 1 targets the central nervous system and level 10 targets bones.

To better understand the BEMER, we first need to look at the heart. Every day approximately 200 gallons of blood are moved through our body. The heart—about the size of your fist— cannot do this job on its own. It needs assistance. For support, it relies on a system that is not well known: a network of tiny vessels (called microvessels) that push blood through the body, delivering nutrients to all the cells, including those that make up our organs. If this support system is stagnant and not working properly, then blood stops circulating well and cells do not receive necessary nutrients and oxygen. Arteries, veins, and microvessels make up the network that supports the heart, but the microvessels are responsible for pumping a whopping 74% of our blood. So if you want to increase circulation and overall health, microvessels are the way to go.

According to the BEMER group, the machine is not actually healing anything, but rather sending an electromagnetic pulse through the body, triggering a pumping motion in the microvessels. This pumping of the microvessels is often referred to as vasomotion. Promoters of the BEMER claim that the resulting improvement in circulation can lead to increased physical performance, increased mental functioning, a stronger immune system, detoxification, reduced stress, decreased pain, and improved sleep. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not yet validate all these potential benefits of the BEMER, although it has approved the BEMER for pain management, wound care, and bone fractures. Further studies are underway.

Most of the promotion for the BEMER and its proclaimed health benefits are provided by the BEMER corporation. Many people doubt their claims. Personally, I have had a positive experience with the BEMER for specific issues (see below), but ultimately you must decide for yourself if the BEMER would be a positive addition to your treatment regimen.

My experience with the BEMER

I started using the BEMER during Stage One of my treatment, about two months after receiving the news that I had metastatic cancer. The news initially put me into shock and a high state of stress. I was having difficulty sleeping, and my body was in a constant state of “fight-or-flight.” Fight-or-flight is when the body feels it is under attack and goes into a primitive response mode of either fighting or fleeing. The body sees those as the only two options. This state creates all sorts of changes in the central nervous system. Long periods of time in this state are highly draining to the system, and healing cannot take place when the body is in such a heightened state of distress.

After my first session on the BEMER, I slept through the night for the first time in two months. As I continued to use the BEMER, my sleeping continued to improve. My BEMER sessions also put me into a deep state of relaxation, calming my central nervous system. This allowed me to explore the challenges ahead of me with more resource and a more open mind.

After several months of using the BEMER, however, I started to feel agitated after my treatments. I think I was trying so many different treatments in addition to the BEMER that my body just got annoyed! I took a break from the BEMER for about six months, then returned to it during Stage Five of my treatment. The BEMER no longer agitated me and was helpful again. It helped reduce the pain caused by my swollen liver and helped trigger states of deep relaxation.

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