From Helpless to Empowered

This video explores the tools I use to manage pain and continue healing in my body.  There are six segments in this video:

1) Symptom Management through Medication

2) Salt Baths and Hot Water Bottles

3) Self-Massage

4) Movement—yoga and “impulse movement”

5) Rebounding

6) The BEMER

I use these tools to help move my body from stagnation to circulation. This process begins with a psychological shift—from helplessness to empowerment.  This psychological shift must take place in order for the physical body to begin to shift.

Managing Symptoms

Here you will see how I learned to manage my stress and the many side effects of treatment.  You will get a window into my deepest suffering and see how I learned more effective ways of coping.  I discuss my struggle with eating, learning to make medication my friend, and letting go of self-imposed pressure in order to have a higher quality of life and heal more gracefully.

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