Healing through Exuberance

Through my struggle with chemo, a surprising passion evolved as I found ways to cope with the symptoms and losses associated with the treatment. I discovered a new look which incorporates hats and earrings in a way that brings me great joy. As I radiate this joy, the world reflects it back to me. I’m healing, having fun and I am “sassy with cancer”. Let the hat show begin!

The Luxury of Boredom

This video documents “one week in the life of Laura.” It’s a small window into the mind-blowing daily challenges that were packed into one week. The video is informative, dealing with many cancer-related issues, but also light hearted and humorous as I celebrate, once again, the reclaiming of my personal power and my capacity to heal.

2015: The Rebirth of Laura

This video marks a shift in the balance of power in my body between cancer and health. After a year where the illness had—or at least seemed to have—the upper hand, my healing powers have now become stronger than the energy of the illness. I am entering a new world of possibility.

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