Radiation for Metastasized Eye Tumors

Radiation is the most commonly prescribed treatment for eye tumors and is used to treat all types of eye cancer. Although many eye cancers, such as melanoma, are difficult to treat, radiation has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of metastasized breast cancer in the eye. Eye tumors from metastasized breast cancer can—in the vast majority of cases—be permanently eradicated through radiation treatment.

My treatment lasted four weeks—Monday through Friday each week. The most evident side effect for me was dry eyes. Cataracts are also a common side effect that can show up after treatment. Because the eye is such a delicate part of the body, there is always the risk of harming the healthy parts of the eye during radiation, with damage sometimes showing up years down the road.

Since the tumor in my right eye was quite large and was already affecting my vision, and since I also had a small tumor forming in the left eye, I felt the potential benefits outweighed the potential risks. Eye tumors can grow quite quickly, and I did not want to risk going blind.

For more information about my experience with eye radiation, please view my videos Brighten Your World–Part 1, Brighten Your World–Part 2, and Brighten Your World–Part 3.


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