Despite the devastating news that my cancer had metastasized, I decided to go ahead with the launching of my business as planned. I rented a booth at a crystal fair where I could advertise the services that would be offered in my new business—Crystal Mountain Therapies. I also began to formulate a plan of action regarding the medical news.

Plan of Action after the Shock

October 8, 2013

Subject:  schedule

To: inner circle

Despite the upsetting and shocking news, I have decided to have my booth at the crystal fair as planned.  This weekend I will work Saturday at the fair, and Sunday I have an appointment with the psychic healer I have been working with.

Next week I plan to see a local oncologist to try to determine the extent of the metastasis.  I will NOT be doing radiation, chemo, or having further surgery.  That would destroy my current quality of life and vitality.  However, I am willing to undergo testing to determine the current state of progression.

I am seeking alternative healing for the cancer.  If I am not able to find a cure for my situation, I will devote the rest of my life to exploring cures that are not harmful or cruel to the body, and I will be offering my live body to practitioners who are on this quest already.

There is a great deal of health and vitality in my body at this very moment.  I know there may come a time when that may change.  But as long as my life force is strong, I will continue to live as a living person, though the majority of my time will be devoted to self-care.

Blessings to all,


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