Nature as a Healing Force

Can Mother Nature combat cancer? As simple or as unlikely as it sounds, the answer is yes.

While connecting with nature may not cure cancer on its own, it can support the body in maintaining a healing state. Being in a natural setting not only makes us feel better, but it can help us heal faster, and even avoid getting sick in the first place. Well-documented studies have proven that being in nature increases happiness and physical health, as well as lowering stress and assisting you in connecting to your authentic self. Being in contact with nature, even in small ways (like noticing the sunset or putting a plant in your bedroom), can lead you to feel more positive and calm.

Many studies support the healing effects of nature. One study showed that hospital patients whose window views were of trees rather than brick walls needed fewer injections of pain killers, had fewer negative comments written about them in nurse logs, and even recovered from surgery more quickly. Another study found that after experiencing mental stress, participants who walked for forty minutes among trees and other greenery reported more positive emotions and performed better on subsequent cognitive tasks than did participants who walked in an urban environment without vegetation.

It has also been proven that the benefits of nature affect a person’s values and actions. Exposure to natural environments leads people to value community and close relationships and even to be more generous with others. Loving relationships with family and/or friends and low overall stress are two fundamentals for health and recovery.

All of these factors—serenity, happiness, loving relationships, connecting to your authentic self—play a role in your healing process, no matter what illness you may be facing, and no matter what other protocols you may be following to get well.

It’s vital to understand that healing yourself may indeed be about lowering your stress and renewing your inner resources. One very profound way to do this is by experiencing, and caring for, the natural world.

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