In this letter I update Dr. Brian (my light touch chiropractor) on my physical and mental state. I begin using the Rife Machine and after several months of retreating inward, I venture out into the world again.

I’m a Transmuter

January 7, 2014

Hi Dr. Brian,

I just received the protocol for the Rife Machine from Pam.  [Pam lives in Canada and created a Rife protocol for me based on urine and saliva samples that I mailed to her.]  The protocol determines which frequencies I use on the Rife Machine and how often I have treatment.  The sessions prescribed by Pam are 20 minutes long, and the treatment schedule calls for one day on, followed by two days off—which gives my body time to rest and adjust.  She said I can send her new urine and saliva samples in three months, and she can give me an adjusted protocol to use at that time

Pam’s analysis of my current state was a bit disturbing, but not surprising—between the extensive childhood trauma that lasted into early adulthood, the decades on psychiatric drugs, the poor nutrition and self-abuse, the depression, the surgeries, the radiation, the hormone therapy, and finally the mastectomy of the right breast—I knew there were major things that needed to be addressed . . . Duh :) 

I spent the past three months retreating inward, preparing for this phase of my treatment.  I did the research, got my sleep regulated, calmed myself from trauma mode, and started overall detox.  Now it is time to dive in deeper.

It’s also time for me to begin my entrance back into the world.  Treatment and the trauma of the diagnosis overtook my life.  I now need to find balance through my passion and creativity.  I am continuing to belly dance and will be starting a 15 minute solo performance class (theater), which will allow me to engage with other people and will be the beginning of me going public with my story.  Also, it gives me a creative outlet for all that’s going on inside me; that has always been so therapeutic for me.  I’m a transmuter.  Now I have been given the task of transmuting cancer.

See you on Wednesday.





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