I begin the treatment protocol prescribed by Dr. Halle, my naturopath oncologist. I share with Dr. Brian, my light touch chiropractor, as I begin two components of this new treatment- Intravenous Vitamin C and DIM. Hopelessness shifts to hopeful as I ponder the potential of my new treatment plan.

Hope Anchored in My Body

April 8, 2014

Subject:  thanks for checking in

Thank you, Dr. Brian.  Yes, the appointment with Dr. Halle went well.  [Dr. Halle is a naturopath oncologist.  In addition to having gone to medical school, he is an energy worker trained in many modalities, including craniosacral and acupuncture.]

They started me on a low dosage [of intravenous vit. C] because they are waiting for the blood test to clarify that I am appropriate for this treatment.  Apparently 5% of the population has a genetic defect that makes them unable to do this treatment.  I see the doctor next Tuesday, and we will begin full-dosage treatment, twice a week, providing the blood test comes back in my favor.

I am also starting on DIM, which is a broccoli supplement that is also supposed to be helpful in both cancer treatment and prevention.

There are more aggressive treatments we can try also, but I think Dr. Halle’s plan is to start with the vitamin C drip and the DIM and then retest me in 4–6 weeks.  Based on those results, treatment can be modified as needed.

Dr. Brian, I feel very happy.  For a long time, I have been going back and forth between the positive and negative, and something happened over the last week, I cannot say exactly when, but the “positive” became solidified, anchored in my body—I feel it in my abdomen—this anchoring presence that was not there before.  When I see you, I will show you where I feel it.  I am also making great progress on expressing my anger.  I smashed glass containers last night outside in my backyard and I ordered some plastic bats for beating :)

As you witnessed in our session, when I express my anger, energy moves.  This could finally be the piece that truly liberates me :)

I look forward to tomorrow, as always . . .

Blessings and a hug and a smile,


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