In this letter, I reach out to Dr. Palma— one of the doctors at Angeles Oncology in Tijuana where I received my recent medical treatment. I describe to him my pain to see if he has any suggestions.

Graphic Description of Pain

June 4, 2014

Subject: intense pain in abdomen

Dear Dr. Palma [doctor from Mexican hospital],

I am sad to report that I am experiencing intense pain in my abdomen that is not relieved when I take Percocet [my pain medication at the time]. The Percocet does work well in reducing the pain caused by the bone metastases, but it is not effective in relieving the pain caused by the swelling/inflammation in my stomach. [My liver had gotten so large that doctors could feel it almost down near my pubic bone.]

Dr. Palma, the level of discomfort I am experiencing causes enormous distress. It is difficult to breathe and to walk. This is not a state of existence that I can endure. I cannot function or enjoy life in any capacity. IT FEELS LIKE SOMEONE IS INSIDE MY BODY BLOWING UP A BALLOON, AND THEY JUST KEEP BLOWING EVEN THOUGH IT FEELS LIKE MY STOMACH CAN’T BE STRETCHED ANY FURTHER.

I spoke with Dr. Halle [my local naturopath oncologist] about this yesterday, and he did not have any immediate suggestions, so I am slightly concerned about my well-being at this moment, as I feel this issue needs immediate addressing.

I know you are in Mexico, so your direct involvement in this matter may be somewhat limited, but please let me know if you have any suggestions.



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