After experimenting with the Rife Machine on my own, I seek professional guidance. There is much controversy over the Rife technology. Ultimately, it was not a good fit for me, but I would try many healing tools in the journey ahead.

Getting Guidance on the Rife Machine

January 3, 2014 [hard copy letter]

Hi Pam.  [Pam uses urine and saliva samples to determine which frequencies on the Rife Machine would be most helpful for an individual.]

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday season.  Here is the info you requested, along with my samples.

First, let me remind you that my body is highly sensitive and there is an extensive history of trauma—childhood physical, sexual, and psychological trauma, as well as adult trauma: victim of a violent crime and then a series of medical issues.  Obviously I am aware of the connection between the trauma and the medical issues.

The most recent medical trauma is cancer.  I have been diagnosed three times in the past five years.  The first time it was breast cancer—right breast.  I underwent three surgeries in twenty-nine days and then seven weeks of radiation, followed by hormone therapy.  Three and a half years later, the cancer was found again in the right breast.  I elected to have a mastectomy at that time.  Knowing what I know now, I would have chosen very differently, but I was not strong enough or ready.  I had to do it the wrong way, twice, to really understand how wrong it is, and to find the courage and strength to trust myself and find my own path of healing.

My first experience with the Rife Machine was horrible.  Barbara, who I purchased the machine from, wanted me on the machine for 3 hours every day and gave me over 50 frequencies to use.  It felt highly aggressive to my body, and I had no way to sort through the information she had given me to determine which frequencies I really needed.  After voicing my frustration, she referred me to you.

I am sorry to have to be so blunt and I hope I don’t gross you out, but the following details are relevant.  There is only a thin layer of radiated skin left of my right breast, and then that poor skin has to rub up against an inorganic implant for the rest of its existence.  There were also two surgeries in my right arm pit to remove lymph nodes.  No cancer was found there, but I think a total of five or six lymph nodes have been removed, so that whole area, right breast and arm pit, are in a compromised state and will be most vulnerable to the Rife Machine.

A few months ago, a growth in the skin on the left breast was removed and tested.  It was determined that cancer had metastasized to the skin of the left breast.  The growth was not skin cancer, it was metastasized breast cancer.  I chose not to do more testing, so it is unclear if there is cancer elsewhere.

The testing is highly traumatic for me and it surrounds me with people who are in strong opposition to the path I am taking, people who have a strong need to voice their opinion in a forceful manner.  While I was curious (and scared) what medical tests would inform me of, the price of going through the process was just too high for me.

Also, I am requesting that you design a protocol that is 20 minutes three times a week.  If that goes well, after three months I can send you new samples, and we might be able to increase the treatment time.

What I really feel needs addressing right now is any potential underlying viral, bacterial, candida, parasite etc. . . . I am very aware that my digestive system is not functioning properly, and I have had a sinus condition for the past six months. I believe all these conditions are related.   I have spent the last couple of months educating myself, recovering from the shock, stabilizing my mood and sleep, and making my body stronger with the BEMER, so that I could better benefit from the Rife treatments.  I know I just shared a lot of information.  I hope the urine and saliva samples will help you prioritize my needs so you can give me the most optimal and efficient protocol to begin with.

Thank you for your assistance.




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