Detoxification through Mud and Clay Packs

Some forms of cancer have been clearly linked to environmental toxins—including chemicals and heavy metals (particularly mercury). These toxins impair the immune system and decrease its effectiveness in preventing and fighting cancer. The immune system must be intact and well-functioning in order to prevent or combat disease, including cancer. Mud packing helps remove harmful toxins from the body, freeing up the immune system to effectively fight illness.

While mud and clay packs do not treat cancer directly, they can assist the body in relaxing, rejuvenating, and detoxifying. The therapeutic use of mud and clay to eliminate toxins from the body has been practiced since ancient times and is used today as an effective means of clearing the body of accumulated toxins.

My practitioner, Samantha, uses Premier Research Labs mud and clay packs because they are said to be of the highest quality and to have the highest energetic vibration. There are definitely other mud and clay packs on the market; I cannot speak personally about these products but I encourage you to explore and find what works for you.

The mud and clay packs are applied to specific areas of the body. Some packs are applied to draw out deeply embedded toxins so pathways are open for release and circulation. The packs can also be applied to known trauma sites, called “interference fields,” which may be marked by a scar. Other spots to explore are vaccination sites, tattooed or pierced areas, and any other part of the body known to have experienced trauma. Muscle testing can help determine the best spots to apply the mud and clay packs. If you are unsure, it’s best to have a consultation. Premier Research Labs has trained professionals in most cities available for these types of consultations; to find a practitioner near you, click here. To buy their products, you must go through a distributer—either a practitioner who is trained in using Premier Research products or a website that will require a consultation. If you are using a different brand, you will need to research where you can best find assistance.

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