I have been fascinated with crystals for many years, intrigued by both their beauty and healing potential. In this letter, I describe how I take my passion and turn it into healing.

Crystal Healing after Mastectomy

July 29, 2011

To: theater group

Hi all.

I got out a little bit and realized just how much my system is still in shock. I got a manicure and then went to Whole Foods with my nurse to pick up a few items.

I think I would have collapsed into a ball on the floor had I been alone. I did my best to shut out the stimulation from the crowd, the noise, and the visual stimulation. I realize how focused I have chosen to keep my energy. It is not yet ready for the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Today I experimented with my crystals on the breast that had the surgery. When I look at my breast, the destruction I see makes me cry. Far beyond the loss of beauty, there is a sense of destruction that is so difficult to bear. Since my breast has already been through three surgeries [during my first occurrence of cancer, it took three surgeries to achieve clear margins] and radiation, it is less adaptable to a mastectomy than someone whose breast has not been previously traumatized. I know Western medicine has good intentions, but I am deeply questioning many things about the Western approach. I do not regret my decision to have the mastectomy, since this was the second cancer in this breast, it made logical sense for overall survival. My breast was resistant to the original surgeries and radiation, so while having the mastectomy is sad, it is not a decision that I second-guess. Perhaps someday there will be better options for women. I do regret the ineffective radiation, but there was no way for me to know at the time that it would just be destructive and not effective.

So back to my crystals. I am using some crystals directly on the breast with some visible results. The skin is a little less pink after the brief treatments. One treatment I have done is to hold a hollow celestite stone over the nipple. It does not touch the nipple, but it encases it. Celestite is a very beautiful light blue angelic stone. What is amazing to me, is that even though the nipple is pretty much numb, and cold to the touch which is SO disturbing, it senses the energy of celestite and it receives its energy; I can actually feel this severed, bruised, radiated, traumatized nipple responding to the energy of the celestite. The exact sensation is hard to describe in words, but in those moments there is life in the nipple.

So, that is my latest update. The journey continues.


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