Dr. Halle, my naturopath oncologist, has a very holistic way of treating cancer. He does not believe you can just “attack the cancer” and be healed. He says multiple factors must be addressed in order for healing to be complete and lasting. We can look at cancer as the enemy or we can look at it as the messenger. Perhaps the cancer is here to tell me, “Something is not in order. Something needs to be addressed. Something needs to be changed. Please pay attention.”

Cancer – Friend or Foe?

June 12, 2014, 2014

Subject: appointment with Dr. Halle [my naturopath oncologist]

Hi Dr. Brian [my light touch chiropractor].

I saw Dr. Halle this morning. He works from a model that you must heal the psyche and the soul in order to fully heal the cancer. You can’t just “attack the cancer”. He says those are the people who have the unexplainable miracles—those who heal on all levels.

I continue to heal the issues from this life, and according to Dr. Halle, I am carrying “generational stuff” in my liver that also needs to be cleared. [When I say “generational stuff”, I am referring to issues that have been passed down through the generations. As a naturopath and energy worker, Dr. Halle has been trained to sense things through my pulse and the touch of my body. That is how he made this assessment.]

We can both see my progress in remaining calmer, less reactive, and becoming an active participant in my healing. Dr. Halle says I am a fast learner :)

I feel very calm and happy, just tired. I am going to eat and rest for the remainder of the day.

thinking of you with a big smile,


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