I received a letter of concern from Dr. Brian [my light touch chiropractor]. He had not heard from me in a few weeks and was worried and wanted an update. The receipt of his email triggered some inner conflict. My relationship with Dr. Brian was one of the most healing relationships of my life, but in the end there was some confusion that was never fully resolved. The damage to the relationship could never be fully repaired, and I was left with strong ambivalent feelings. I was avoiding addressing my own emotions when I received his email and responded in a way that was not really appropriate. Dr. Brian was concerned for my health and well being and I responded by chatting away about “leaves”.

Autumn Leaves

September 14, 2015

Subject: Checking in [This is a response to the email Dr. Brian sent me.]

Hi Dr. Brian.

Thank you for checking in. I am doing well but don’t have much to say at this moment.

I hope you are also doing well as we transition into this new season. I remember how much you like the sun, so hopefully you don’t have the Fall blues, but soon the trees will be scattered with fragmented color, enough to enrich even a grey sky. Things are constantly changing. I guess we all have to go with the flow…

Blessings to you,


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