Laura Rennard, LCSW


y life has had many twists and turns, each one bringing me closer to who I truly am at the deepest level.  Cancer has helped me shed many skins to find the radiant core within.  It has become one of my most profound teachers.

Earlier along my educational path, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, followed by my Master’s in Social Work.  As a licensed clinical social worker I have a passion both for working with children and for incorporating the Arts into the therapeutic process.  I draw on the wide array of artistic practices that have enriched and transformed my own life—visual art, writing, theater, music, and movement.

One of the twists along my path led me to a fascination with crystals and their healing capacity.  I share my story of how I connected with crystals and learned to use them therapeutically in my crystal healing blog post.

Now faced with the challenge of cancer, I have integrated all the healing practices I have studied over the years and am now using them on myself.  Healing myself has become the central focus of my life, but documenting and sharing this process is the joyful and meaningful force that drives me.  Creating and sharing my gifts in the most authentic way possible—allowing the truth of my spirit to shine forth—has become my life purpose.

I hope my work touches and inspires you in exactly the way you need in this moment.

Blessings to all on this mysterious journey.

Letters Poetry (1991-Present) Poems to Sean Healing Through Art


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