I begin to recover from the shocking news that my cancer had returned and metastasized. As my central nervous system begins to settle, I am able to put the pieces together and take the first steps in formulating a treatment plan. This would be my first treatment plan. Many more would follow.

A Beginning: The BEMER and the Rife Machine

November 21, 2013

To: my inner circle

Dear support team :)

Six weeks after receiving the news that the cancer had metastasized, a starting point for my treatment has fallen into place.  It involves two treatments—the BEMER and the Rife Machine.

The BEMER will help me recover from the stress and exhaustion.  It has already calmed my central nervous system and helped regulate my sleep.  The BEMER does not specifically address the cancer, but by helping me relax and improving circulation, it puts my body into a healing state and helps maximize my inner resources.

The Rife Machine specifically addresses cancer by exposing the cancer cells to certain frequencies that are supposed to kill them. However, I had a tough introduction to that machine.  The person who sold it to me wanted me on the machine for three hours a day and she wanted me to program the machine so my body would be exposed to over thirty frequencies that are supposedly effective in addressing metastasized breast cancer and the underlying causes.  Three hours was way too long for my body to be receiving impulses from the Rife Machine.  Treatments on the BEMER feel relaxing and last 8 minutes.  It is recommended that Bemer treatment be done twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening.  Treatments from the Rife Machine felt aggressive to my body.  Plus I did not believe my body needed to be exposed to all those frequencies, but there was no way for me to figure out which ones were truly needed.  The experience felt horrible, and the problem seemed unsolvable.

I was, however, referred to a woman in Canada, Pam, who has worked with the Rife Machine for decades and has used it along with other tools to heal illness in herself.  She uses urine and saliva samples to determine which frequencies are most appropriate for a person.  Per my request, she will design a protocol for me using the frequencies that are best for me.  The protocol will be 20 minutes, three times a week.

I have sent Pam my urine and saliva samples.  I look forward to receiving and trying her protocol.

Pam also has a BEMER, so she can also assist me in figuring out the best way to combine the BEMER and the Rife Machine.

The synchronicities and miracles continue to unfold.

blessings to all of you,





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