After the mastectomy, two drains were inserted at the surgery site to catch excess fluid and blood. I was not allowed to shower and bathing was difficult. The drains hung down from the surgery site, so I had to pin them to my clothes to keep them from flopping around. This letter was written after the drains were removed.

After the Mastectomy 2

July 26, 2011

Subject:  Monday

To: theater group

Drains out, but still feel drained :-)

Should receive pathology report today or tomorrow.

Took a bath this morning but now that the drains are removed I can shower and don’t have to walk around with them pinned to my clothes. Did not expect to have them out so soon.

Crying a lot and trying to be aware which crying is a release and which crying is just adding to the drain.

Nothing artificial attached to my body anymore, except my breast…

Need DVD suggestions. Also need music suggestions, both for listening and for dance meditation when I am healed enough.

love to all of you,


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