Wobenzym (enzyme supplement)

Wobenzym is a blend of enzymes, including—among others—trypsin, chymotrypsin, pancreatin, and papain. Together they function as systemic enzymes, in that they support and enhance every system and every organ in the human body. Systemic enzymes are anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrosis, blood cleaning, immune system balancing, and virus fighting. In addition, they remove the protective coating on cancer cells, allowing the immune system to destroy those cells more easily.

In the United States there has been some debate as to the effectiveness of enzymes in fighting cancer; however, in Europe and Japan, many doctors utilize this approach in tandem with more mainstream cancer treatments. These doctors and researchers have found that systemic enzymes reduced scarring in organs resulting from radiation treatment, enabled lower doses of chemotherapy to be used, and reduced the side effects of both chemotherapy and radiation. Dr. Heinrich Wrba, a leading European oncologist, advocates for high doses of Wobenzym and says the following about their use in treating pancreatic cancer: “I have seen about one-third of cases of pancreatic cancer that were completely cured with about two-thirds not responding well, which for this cancer is an excellent outcome. Based on experience, the outcome for most patients is improved with systemic oral enzyme therapy.”

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