Untitled 7

He brushes his hand
across her breast
memories of arousal
and excitement flood her brain
but she feels the death of her breast
the beautiful intricate circuitry
that was gifted to her by God
the exquisite finite delicate
subtle prancing
erotic dances of delight
all reduced to stone
at the hands of a surgeon’s knife

one hand gives,
another takes 

she rages at the injustices of the world
wondering how such loss and cruelty
can be a part of mankind
how in a snip
so much can be taken

it was a symbol of all that is beautiful in the world
of all that is beautiful in me
it awakened me
my entire body
to bliss, sensuality, warmth, and erotic sensation

it was a symphony of love
beyond the reach of most
violin, trumpet, piano, harp, guitar
synthesizing, harmonizing
accessible only to the gifted
now access denied to all

– November 17, 2011 –

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