Under Psychic Attack, Part One, Two, and Three are a trio of letters documenting my battle with the “supernatural.” The first two letters were written to Mateo, my tango teacher in L.A., and the third was written to Catherine, my movement theater teacher. The letters make reference to “psychic energy” and communication in “other realms.” Many people do not believe in such phenomena. I did not either, until I experienced it. You do not have to be a believer to appreciate these letters. They simply document my intense experience and how I perceived it. When I make reference to “psychic attacks,” I am referring to attacks that are strictly energetic in nature and do not require close physical proximity.

Under Psychic Attack, Part Two

September 7, 2013

Good morning, Mateo.

Thank you for your email.  I know you are still out of the country and I do not want you to incur expense to speak with me.  As I wrote to you, it was very helpful to surrender and ask God for support.  Once I realized that my body does not have to “take on” or “fight” this attack, I felt enormous relief and have been able to sleep and eat the last two days.  Prior to that, both my eating and sleeping were very much affected.  So the matter is a little less urgent, and I can wait till you’re back in the country if that would be easier for you.

Regarding not giving this attack power, I may need to explain more fully what I am experiencing.  Part of it is psychic attack and part of it is my sensitivity and my own psychic capacities to resonate and sometimes get absorbed in others’ energies—not with intention!!  The psychic attacks are real energy.  I will feel this brooding hate either in my body or hovering around my body.  Sometimes it is actually forceful, as if on top of me trying to restrict movement.  Sometimes I get confused and think it is my own energy.  When I realize it is not my own, I can usually release it from my body or my auric field.  Sometimes, however, it keeps coming at me and that is when my stress level gets high and I get scared.

This recent episode was triggered by an empowering act that I took with “this person.”  I did not do anything to hurt this person; I simply took my power back, and what I have been experiencing this week is retaliation for claiming my human right to independence and dignity.

I know some of this is a little vague, but the circumstances around this are highly sensitive, personal, and delicate in nature.

I don’t think it is just a coincidence that all this came to a head on the Jewish New Year.

Mateo, I am aware that there is strong support for me in other realms.  The spirit world has been supporting me without my consciousness for a long time.  Now I have to engage this support with consciousness, which I have been doing for a while.  The power of this person will dissolve in the greater light.  If I try to take this on myself, I will deplete and exhaust myself.

I would still like to touch base with you, at a time that is convenient for you …


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