Under Psychic Attack, Part One, Two, and Three are a trio of letters documenting my battle with the “supernatural.” The first two letters were written to Mateo, my tango teacher in L.A., and the third was written to Catherine, my movement theater teacher. The letters make reference to “psychic energy” and communication in “other realms.” Many people do not believe in such phenomena. I did not either, until I experienced it. You do not have to be a believer to appreciate these letters. They simply document my intense experience and how I perceived it. When I make reference to “psychic attacks,” I am referring to attacks that are strictly energetic in nature and do not require close physical proximity.

In Psychic Attack, Part Three, I make reference to my father. It should be noted that this letter reflects my impressions at the time. Other people may perceive these circumstances differently. This letter simply documents my interpretation at the time.

My father and I are both very strong and we both have intense energy. Growing up and having a healthy separation from my father was a huge challenge. My journey with cancer has been a catalyst for healing for the whole family system. My father ultimately supported me in my healing. He helped me financially and assisted with cooking and many other healing tasks.

Under Psychic Attack, Part Three

September 13, 2013

Hi Catherine [my movement theater teacher in L.A.]. Good to hear from you.

I need to inform you what is going on—

I took control of my money. I told my father I needed to do this for my psychological health. I relinquished the contract that allowed him to make investments on my behalf. The next morning he liquidated everything in my account. Our accounts were linked, which I did not know, so he had another way in. I was able to repair most of the damage.

I am working with a “psychic therapist” in regard to my family. My father retaliated psychically by energetically trying to murder me.  I feared for my life and asked God for support, and the answer I got was that my body was not supposed to take this on, that I needed to let “the spirit world” assist me.  Since then it has been revealed that my father had a “five-inch pipe” soldered into my heart, he had programmed my brain, and there were cords from him all over my body.  Spirit world has dismantled most of this.

My father maintains that he acted in my best interest, and my mom stands by him, so I have completely ended contact with my parents. My brother has been an enormous support during this time.

So, right now I am consumed with my “psychic work,” as well as continuing to heal my body. I knew my father was psychically powerful, but I had no idea what was still going on in the present.  Without this intervention from spirit world—which I had to initiate—I have no doubt I would have died. He was slowly killing me.  

I have no doubt that I am still in shock over the magnitude of this, though I was ready and it was time.

On a lighter note, I am moving forward professionally, which I would never have been able to do if my energy was still being manipulated by my father. I know you have always believed in me, so wish me well . . .

When things settle, if I feel a need to check in, I will be in touch.  Until then, be well . . .


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