I believe cancer is a complex disease that is unique to each person who suffers from it. Many components can contribute to the development of this illness. Treatment is just as unique and complex as the causes. In my case, I believe my self destructive rage was a significant factor in the development of my cancer. I also believe the cancer kept coming back because this issue was never fully addressed. I share this part of my journey with Sofia, my belly dance teacher.

The Link between Cancer and Rage

April 14, 2014

Hi Sofia [my belly dance teacher].

I appreciate you thinking of me, but I hope you are not worrying about me!  This is supposed to be your time to regenerate, not worry.

I don’t have much energy right now, so I will keep my update brief.  The new naturopath oncologist, Dr. Halle, has offered many valuable insights into the origins of my cancer—including rage turned against myself.  He could actually feel my rage in my pulse.  He is a shaman in addition to a naturopath and understands the link between trauma and disease, particularly with incest.  I am learning to move energy and turn the rage outward, instead of inward.  As I release my rage, I am discovering a lot of grief underlying it. It is important for me to release this grief in a very primal way, without censorship.

I don’t know if you are aware, but Anna Halprin healed herself from cancer by giving expression to the SHADOW.  “Shadow” is often used to describe emotions that feel darker in nature such as rage.  It was not by dancing joy that she healed.  It was by expressing in body and language the self-destructive rage.

The trauma and the cancer are intertwined.  I cannot heal the cancer without fully addressing the trauma.  It is very difficult, but I have support and the universe is assisting me.  I have been trying to address this for decades, but now I am meeting people who understand this and have new tools to offer me.

Sofia, my healing journey continues to be a great challenge and is sometimes enormously painful.  I waver on my commitment when the struggle becomes great.  Then I review the decades of work that are taking form on my website.  I read a letter, view a painting, or watch a video I created.  Remembering my purpose and the gifts I have been given infuses me with energy and renews my dedication and commitment.

Thank you for supporting me and my process.



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