Stages of Treatment

  • Stage One (after second cancer diagnosis and before third):

    Conventional treatment of cancer is very hard on the body. After my first breast cancer diagnosis, I had three surgeries, seven weeks of radiation, and hormone therapy. Three and a half years later, the cancer came back, and I elected for a mastectomy of the right breast at that time. All this took a great toll on my body. After the mastectomy, I began a protocol to help me recover from the trauma of these treatments and to address lifestyle changes that I felt needed to be implemented.

    1. I evaluated my eating. I learned that cancer feeds on sugar, so I eliminated sugar from my diet, except for the occasional indulgence. I had extensive muscle testing done; based on those tests, I eliminated or greatly reduced dairy and gluten, though goat dairy seems to be fine for me. I started eating almost 100 percent organic.

    2. I stopped using antiperspirant.

    3. I stopped wearing an underwire bra and reduced the overall time that I wore a bra.

    4. I began taking high-quality supplements to support my immune system.

    5. Using a mud pack system from Premier Research Labs, I began the process of detoxification (detox) by clearing my body and organs of both radiation and heavy metals.

    6. I made a commitment to hike and connect with Mother Nature on a regular basis to allow the energy of the earth to regulate my system, aid me in release, fill me with joy, and keep me connected to the bigger picture.

    7. I started restorative yoga.

    8. I took further steps to deal with the psychological/spiritual/energetic issues underlying the cancer. For me this meant terminating all contact with my parents. Further along in my healing, I would realize that ending contact with my parents was not the solution to my problems. In order to fully heal my body, I had to heal my relationship with my parents. I had to let go of the past, change the way I responded, and live in the present moment.

    9. I had six mercury fillings removed—not all at once :)

  • Stage Two (after third cancer diagnosis):

    My strategies in Stage One of my treatment did not stop the cancer from returning. By the time I received my third diagnosis, the cancer had metastasized to other parts of my body. In response to this I implemented the following plan:

    1. I got a healthy water system. I learned that reverse osmosis water, which I had been drinking for many years, is “dead water”—robbed of all its natural minerals. I bought the Nikken drinking water system, which uses filters and rocks to restore mineral balance to water and return it to its natural resonance. I also bought filters to reduce chlorine content in bath and shower water.

    2. I alkalized my body with green juices. I started drinking 4 cups of green juice a day, and worked up to six cups a day. (Later in my treatment, due to changes in dietary needs and issues with nausea, I was not able to keep this up.)

    3. I started working with Young Living essential oils for both spiritual and physical support.

    4. I began using a BEMER to help with circulation and overall health of my body and to help regulate my sleep and central nervous system.

    5. I started taking Essiac and a seaweed extract—herbs to directly address the cancer. I alternated these two herbs every two weeks.

    6. I chose positive thinking and began a practice of prayer to reinforce this.

    7. I began Network Spinal Analysis Treatment.

    8. I started using the Rife Machine.

    9.  I began taking Epsom salt baths and Dead Sea salt baths, which have been used for centuries to relax muscles, release intense emotions, and detoxify the body. These baths have continued to be an integral part of my treatment. 

    10. I made sure there was joy in my life; belly dance served that function well.

    11. I continued to research and to ask the universe to connect me with what would best serve my optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health. I chose to see myself as healthy, visualizing green energy pulsing through me and exuding out of me, trusting the universe to align with this image and send whatever was needed to make it so. Therefore treatment became organic and unfolded and evolved with time.

  • Stage Three:

    After about six months of following my Stage Two protocol, symptoms became more obvious and uncomfortable. The swelling in my stomach, caused by my enlarged liver, became quite pronounced. I was referred to a naturopath oncologist and began Stage Three of treatment. Prior to this, I was essentially acting as my own oncologist because I was fearful of conventional oncologists. I was open and willing to work with a naturopath oncologist, who was familiar with and utilized both conventional and alternative treatments. Beginning to work with this new doctor, Dr. Halle, took an enormous weight off my shoulders. I no longer had to navigate these waters alone, although I would still call all the shots.

    Stage Three Protocol:

    [Please note the descriptions of each of the components below are not FDA approved statements.  Please do not begin this protocol or any medical regime without consulting with appropriate health professionals.]

     1. Vitamin C drip Vitamin C, when given in a large dose, can penetrate cancer cells and kills them but does not harm healthy cells.  Dr. Halle says the results have run the range—from no effect, to some reduction in cancer, to total elimination of cancer.  They are unclear as to the factors that make it a successful treatment for some but not for others.

     2. DIM: the broccoli supplement This supplement is prescribed to increase the rate at which estrogen is removed from circulation by the liver.  This is VERY exciting because my cancer is HIGHLY estrogen sensitive, meaning that estrogen is its food.

     3. Turkey Tail Mushroom supplement Prescribed to increase NK cell function and activity.  NK cells are natural killer cells in the body that attack and kill cancer cells

     4. Meriva supplement Prescribed to reduce inflammation.

     5. Wobenzym Cancer cells are encased in a protective coating.  This supplement is prescribed to help break down that coating.

     6. Liver Protect supplement Prescribed to restore liver function.

  • Stage Four:

    After being in Stage Three of treatment for a little over a month, it became clear that more drastic measures were needed. I headed to Angeles Hospital in Tijuana to begin immunotherapy. I was in the hospital for three weeks, and then continued with an aftercare protocol at home for three months.

    In Hospital: Immunotherapy

    1. Autologous cell therapy (dendritic cells)

    2. Activated lymphocytes

    Follow-up care after the hospital:

    1. Iscador therapy

    2. Supplements

    The supplements that were recommended are listed below. Although they were prescribed by the treatment team at Angeles Hospital, I was not able to take all of them. For me it became a daunting number of pills to swallow each day—close to 70. So I consulted with my local doctor and we prioritized the supplements, and I did the best I could. If you want more info on any of these supplements, they should be easily found online, or you can consult with an appropriate health professional.

    1. Carlson’s* cod liver oil (liquid lemon flavor) – 5 ml 3 times a day (with meals). Anti-inflammation.

    2. Life Extensions Mega GLA with sesame lignans – 1 soft gel capsule 3 times a day with meals. Anti-inflammation.

    3. Life Extensions Breast Health Formula – 1 capsule twice a day. Anticancer regimen for Breast Cancer.

    4. Pure Encapsulations selenium (selenium-methionine) 200 mcg – 1 capsule 2 times a day, with food. Anti-cancer.

    5. Pure Encapsulations Resveratrol VESIsorb, 100 mg – 2 capsules without food. Anti-cancer.

    6. Pure Encapsulations curcumin w/ bioperine, 500mg – 1 capsule 2 times a day without food. Anti-inflammation.

    7. Pure Encapsulations vitamin D3, 10,000 ui – 1 capsule a day with meal. Immune-anticancer.

    8. Pure Encapsulations Systemic Enzyme Complex – 3 capsules 3 times a day, 45 minutes before meals or 2 hours after meals. Very important anti-cancer regimen.

    9. Pure Encapsulations LVR formula – 2 capsules on empty stomach 3 times a day.

    10. Pure Encapsulations M/R/S mushroom formula – 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals. Immune support.

    11. Pure Encapsulations green tea extract – 2 capsules 2 times a day without meals. Anticancer.

    12. Pure Encapsulations GarliActive, 600mg – 1 capsule with dinner. Heart health.

    13. Pure Encapsulations CoQ10 500mg – 1 capsule 2 times a day without meals. Anticancer–heart health.

    14. Pure Encapsulations melatonin, 20mg – 3 capsules before bedtime. Sleep aid, cancer protocol for breast.

    15. Baby aspirin, 85 mg – once a day with dinner. Anticancer regimen to avoid and treat metastatic disease.

     * Note that many good companies carry most of these products.

  • Stage Five:

    After three months of home aftercare, a CT scan and blood work were done to determine the effectiveness of the immunotherapy. Immunotherapy causes inflammation, which makes interpreting a CT scan difficult. There can appear to be signs of growth, but it’s difficult to determine whether that growth is due to an increase in tumor size, inflammation from treatment, or dead cancer. Chemotherapy can also make a CT scan difficult to interpret. Blood work is thus commonly ordered along with CT scans to help ensure a more accurate assessment.

    My CT scan and blood work seemed to indicate that there was modest improvement in my liver and that there might be some mild progression in other previously detected cancer sites. No new sites were detected. My local naturopath oncologist consulted with the aftercare doctor at Angeles Hospital in Tijuana, and low-dose chemo was recommended in order to get the tumor load down. The hope was that, with a smaller tumor load, I could return to immunotherapy and it would be more effective than previously. Ultimately, I was not able to receive low-dose chemo in the U.S., so I chose a gentler, full-dose oral chemo—Xeloda.

    I had three issues complicating my cancer treatment: the size of my tumor load, my anemia, and my fast metabolism. After a couple of months on Xeloda my tumor load decreased and my red blood cell count increased to the point where I was no longer anemic.

  • Stage Six:

    Although it was wonderful news that the Xeloda had decreased my tumor load and increased my red blood cell count, other issues had begun to surface. I had been having decreased vision in my right eye for months. I had been so consumed by other facets of my treatment that I had not followed up on my failing eyesight, though I suspected it was related to the cancer. Tests revealed that I had a large tumor in my right eye, a small tumor in my left eye, and a small tumor in the lining of my brain. A new treatment plan was devised that marked the beginning of Stage Six of treatment.

    The course of action recommended was four weeks of radiation for my eyes, followed by a smaller duration of radiation for my brain. My whole treatment plan was also reevaluated due to increased pain and difficulty with bowel movements. Elements of the new treatment plan included:

    1. Radiation for metastasized eye tumors

    2. Radiation for metastasized brain tumor

    3. Steroids to soften tumors and increase appetite

    4. 12-hour, time-released pain medication, taken twice a day

    5. Laxatives and stool softeners to counteract constipation, one of the most common and most challenging side effects of pain medication


  • Stage Seven:

    After five and a half months on Xeloda, that chemotherapy agent stopped working, and tumors began to grow in size again. I consulted with Dr. Hart, my conventional oncologist, and Dr. Halle, my naturopath oncologist. Both doctors agreed that it was time for a new plan. We decided to try a new chemotherapy, Adriamycin, which is delivered intravenously once a week.

    After a few weeks on Adriamycin, I saw dramatic improvement in my medical condition. Tumors decreased in size, and lab reports indicated improvement in the liver and other organs.

    Low white blood count is the main negative side effect of Adriamycin. White blood cells are responsible for preventing and combatting illness. When our white blood count gets too low, our body becomes vulnerable and susceptible to disease. Neupogen shots are often prescribed to deal with this side effect. These shots help the body rapidly build white blood cells, but the result is very short lived if you continue chemotherapy. In my first experience with these shots, my white blood count skyrocketed from around 800 to over 8000 (after three injections given over a three-day period). But the number dropped down again close to 800 after two more chemotherapy treatments.

    The other unpleasant side effect of Adriamycin is hair loss. This is temporary, with the hair growing back once treatment stops. Hair is usually lost through gradual thinning with this particular chemotherapy agent. But for me, by about week 4, I had lost 95% of my hair. This is, for me, more of an emotional loss than a medical issue.

    This stage of treatment became about maximizing the positive medical outcome of Adriamycin while preserving my safety through monitoring my white blood count and taking appropriate precautionary measures.

  • Stage Eight:

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