Restorative Yoga

Slowing down can be tricky in a culture with both feet on the accelerator. Why is it important to slow down? Because the less you feel stressed, the more you can use your energy to heal or maintain your health. Any relaxation tool that works for you can be key to healing from cancer.

Restorative yoga is a practice of asanas (or postures) that are supported by props—blocks, straps, balls, chairs, and so on—that help you comfortably hold a position from a few to fifteen minutes, longer if you’re relaxing.

Restorative yoga can benefit you by:

  • Engaging the brake pedal in your nervous system;
  • Alleviating stress, fatigue, and insomnia;
  • Supporting the immune system; and
  • Optimizing breathing.

Because restorative yoga is slower and gentler than most other forms of yoga, people healing from cancer can usually participate even while undergoing some of the more challenging treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Restorative yoga is often described as nurturing. By nurturing your body during stressful times, you can assist it in healing and repairing.

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