In this letter, I try to organize and simplify some of what I have learned on my healing journey regarding the causes of cancer and the treatments for cancer. Information on this subject matter can be overwhelming and confusing. Understanding, organizing and processing is an ongoing task.

Laura’s Three Layers of Healing

December 6, 2014

Subject: just for clarification

Hi Catherine [my movement theater teacher].

It was great talking to you. Because these are complex medical issues, I would like to clarify in writing what we spoke about today. There are so many theories about the causes and cures for cancer. I have researched and tried many approaches. Even the terminology can be so confusing. I have tried to make things simpler by organizing what I have learned so far. I call it Laura’s Three Layers of Healing :)

Here are the layers:

Layer One – Detox

Detox is for removing toxins that come from the environment (heavy metals, plastics, mercury, radiation, etc.). Toxins are not live substances. They enter the body through the air, water, food, and so on. There are many proposed ways to detox. I have found the methods that work best for me—including Epsom and Dead Sea salt baths, mud packs, and certain supplements. There are an endless number of detox protocols available. It’s just a question of finding those that are the best fit, which will vary from person to person.

Layer Two – Live Organisms

Viruses, candida, bacteria, and parasites are a different category, and treatment is different. These organisms are alive and are not affected by most detox protocols. This category is extremely important because many people believe that candida, bacteria, viruses, and parasites underlie and feed most cancers. In fact, some people say that cancer is a virus. There are many different opinions on how to address layer two. Most of them include attention to diet and appropriate supplements. The Rife Machine promoters claim that, when the right frequency is used, the Rife Machine kills the bacterium that makes up cancer. Promoters of essential oils claim that certain oils kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Just as with layer one, there are lots of proposed protocols to address layer two. Again, each person must do their own research to determine what’s needed for their particular body.

Layer Three – Targeted Treatment

Once layers one and two have been addressed, a new path or opening appears for examining the specific nature of one’s cancer, and an appropriate treatment plan can be drawn up. Cancer is a complex disease, with many factors to address. It’s hard to do everything at once. By attending to layer one and layer two, which is often an ongoing process, new factors and possible treatments can emerge with more clarity. For me that included some more conventional treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy.

It is my opinion that cancer is a very individual disease. I don’t believe in a universal cure because each person and each situation is unique. That can be very scary because there’s a vast amount of information out there and the path is often not clear. Finding one’s way can be overwhelming. That is part of the reason I am launching my website. I wanted people to be able to benefit from my struggle and what I have learned. If even one person’s journey can be made a little easier by the sharing of my experience, then I can find meaning and satisfaction in this enormous challenge that I have taken on. And modern technology—through my website—will allow me the possibility to reach many people.

I have learned so much, Catherine, and yet I am still in the infancy of my learning. Cancer is still a mystery in so many ways.

That’s all for now. Thanks for our session earlier today.



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