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It’s not how much time you have, it’s how you live the time you have.
The mind is a beautiful valuable gift but it can also be a trap, a trap into unconsciousness— a winding twisting maze that can swallow your spirit.

I really don’t believe the answer is “fighting”. It is not the most efficient way to reach your goal. The most efficient way is to “catch a ride with the flow”.

Purple Green Alter

God can’t carry you if you are holding yourself up.

Pyrite Crystal

Hell is a pain that takes one to the human threshold and holds them there.
(Letter: Walking Through Hell, Dec. 24, 2013)
Everything can change in a breath.

PassionJoyLoveHeal_image from Exuberance video

You can’t “trick” the universe. It doesn’t align with what you say, it aligns with what you feel in your heart and what your actions say. 
(Letter: You Can’t Trick the Universe, Mar. 26, 2014)
It is still profound and shocking to me how our internal world shapes and creates our external world. The more conscious we can be of our thoughts and feelings, the more we can actively co-create with the universe. If we are unaware or filled with ambivalence, then we cannot align in harmony with the greater will of the universe.
(Letter: You Can’t Trick the Universe, Mar. 26, 2014)

Flourite Crystal

To the left: two quartz crystals. To the right: two celestite crystals

“No” means wrong way. From my spiritual self, I know that if I get a “no” from anything in the universe, then it wasn’t the right way for me, and a more appropriate resource will arrive.
(Letter: Preparing for Mexico, May. 1, 2014)


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