In this letter, I share my experience with muscle testing. For many people it can be a helpful diagnostic tool, but I believe it should never replace your own inner instincts or intuition.

I Am the Captain of This Ship–Part 2: Muscle Testing

April 22, 2014

A letter to my readers

Many professionals use muscle testing to uncover the “truth.” The theory is that muscle testing allows the body to “speak” and tell us what it needs. I’m going to share my experience with using muscle testing for the purpose of determining which foods best support my body, but muscle testing is used for all kinds of things in the world of alternative medicine.

A practitioner does muscle testing with food to help determine which foods will most support a person’s body. One way to muscle-test for food is to first have the patient hold one arm out parallel to the ground; the practitioner then pushes down on the outstretched arm, which will usually stay strong and not move downward. This establishes a baseline for the patient’s usual strength. The patient continues to keep her outstretched arm parallel to the ground while using her other arm to hold a particular food to her chest. The practitioner pushes down on the patient’s outstretched arm again. If her arm stays strong and does not move downward, then it’s assumed the food pressed into her chest is okay for her body. If her arm gets weak and drops, then it’s assumed that that particular food weakens the patient’s system. There are many different ways to muscle-test. This is just an example of a simple and common way to do so.

I, personally, don’t really trust muscle testing. It’s highly dependent on the practitioner’s presence and the environment where the testing takes place. As a result, I have found the testing to not be consistent. Results can vary from practitioner to practitioner. In other words, one practitioner might find that a particular food weakens my system and another practitioner may find that that same food supports my system. Also, results can vary from day to day with the same practitioner. For example, one day Dr. Brian (my light touch chiropractor) tested me and my system showed it was weakened by gluten, and a week later when he tested me again the opposite was true. I had the same varying results when I tested potatoes and tomatoes. This could mean that my body is constantly shifting and the muscle testing only tests what will strengthen or weaken me in a specific moment. Or the variance could have to do with the shifting presence of the practitioner or changes in the environment. Regardless of the exact cause, the outcome is that results are variable.

All that being said, there are many times when muscle testing has pointed me in the right direction. Samantha, the practitioner who applies therapeutic mud packs, uses muscle testing to determine which packs to use and where to place them. Her whole treatment protocol is determined through muscle testing. I find her to be one of the more reliable muscle testers. This is in part, due to her own intuition and training and the high frequency of the energy in her healing office.

The relationship between client and practitioner can also influence results. This was the case in my relationship with Dr. Brian. I trusted muscle testing with Dr. Brian because of the greater factors in our relationship. There is me and my relationship with the universe; there is Dr. Brian and his relationship with the universe; there is “our partnership” and our connection as a team to the universe; and then there is this energy in the air that influences all of us in the most subtle of ways…and I believe that energy has positive intention. It is the combination of all that, that I trust. If it happens to include muscle testing, then so be it :) When there is a strong spiritual energetic connection between two people, muscle testing can become part of the flow, a channel through which higher realms can communicate. It is less about muscle testing in these circumstances and more about relationship and the channel created.

Also, it’s important to never give up your own intuition when it conflicts with muscle testing results. Muscle testing is vulnerable to so many factors. Ultimately, we must go within and trust our purest untainted instincts to lead us. In this way, we assure that we maintain our status as captain of our healing ships.

That concludes my rant on muscle testing :)




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