I have the courage to begin a relationship before the mastectomy and reconstruction is complete. I am rewarded for my courage with support, love, and intimacy.

Heart Opens in the Face of Breast Cancer

October 3, 2011

Dear Christine [my previous therapist],

As I told you, I have entered into a relationship during this whacky time. Hard to believe! The name of the new man in my life is Sean. He has rocked my world, and he is crazy about me as well. We even communicate by writing poems back and forth to each other.

With Sean, I feel seen on all levels. He has an ease with which he handles the difficult aspects of my personality, in such a way that it really diffuses things and actually brings us closer. He just seems to do it naturally.

I know you will laugh when I tell you this, but he is a political strategist. Extremely financially successful. But Christine, come on, politics? I have never even voted!

Anyway, I am just letting things unfold. My theater class begins next week. The reconstructive surgery is Oct 28. Sean is going to spend the night the day before my surgery and take me to the hospital early in the morning, and then stay with me during the first week of my recovery. He travels a lot but has arranged his schedule to be in town for my surgery.

Writing about cancer and surgery amidst such bliss is still a little disorienting to me.

Thinking of you warmly with a huge open heart,


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