I begin a new and highly significant relationship with Dr. Brian. Dr. Brian was my light touch chiropractor who would also become my friend and confident. I can not stress enough the importance of this relationship on so many levels. During times of grave loneliness, he was often my only true human contact. He helped heal me energetically and he also healed my soul.

First Letter to Dr. Brian

January 3, 2014

Subject: From your client Laura

To: Dr. Brian [chiropractor] 

It is a little awkward and uncomfortable to share this with a stranger.  You don’t know me and I can’t possibly convey to you what I have been through.  I am normally a bright and positive person (though it is an ongoing practice to be positive) and I have managed to find meaning and joy in life under incredible circumstances.

I usually only share my despair with those who know me well and are familiar with my strength and resilience.  Otherwise, my feelings scare and overwhelm most people.  These feelings need to be seen as an element of a much larger persona, which is difficult for someone who doesn’t know me.

I am not a hysterical person who rants and raves about things easily, so I don’t “say” these words lightly . . . but it has become clear to me that “I am in trouble.”  The stress about eating is mounting and my weight is about as low as I am willing to tolerate . . . I feel like I am at a crux.  If I can’t find a way to eat, then the game is over, then my body has been through too much and it is time. Spiritually, I do not feel like it is time, but I am getting a clear message that “I am in trouble.”  I don’t know how to help myself and I have little faith that humans can be of assistance.  They seem to just compound and add to my stress, and I am worn out.

I do not have adequate support right now, or anything close to it, and that is compounding my stress immensely.  I cannot fix that in the immediate future, so I carry a huge burden primarily on my own shoulders.  I give as much of it as I can to God, but support in the spirit realm does not replace human support and contact.

I am still unclear what you have to offer, but none of it will be relevant if I can’t find a way to eat.

I will see you on Monday.



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