As I finished composing my last letter titled “Intrinsic Value”, I began thinking about Rose. I met Rose in Catherine’s movement/theater class. I just knew she would understand and resonate with what I was sharing. I decided to reach out and ask her if she would join my support team.

Expanding the Inner-Inner Circle

August 15, 2015

Subject: I need a favor…

To: Rose

Rose, sadly, there are signs of tumor growth again. As I work through the devastation and make my choices, I feel too vulnerable to be publicly exposed. I have created an inner-inner circle which only has four safe people in it. Everyone in my usual support team [my inner circle] feels “safe” but I feel a need for a “tighter” ring around me during this vulnerable and delicate time. I would like to add you to the inner-inner circle because I know you will “get” my writing. I will not always expect or need a response but when possible it will be appreciated and welcome. I will feel a broader base of support just knowing that you are receiving these communications.

thank you and blessings,

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