During my last session with Dr. Brian (my light touch chiropractor), I had become aware of some foreign energy—energy that was not part of my being—that seemed to be lurking around me. I could not see this “foreign energy” but I could sense its presence and I refer to it as an entity because it felt almost human in its energetic form and seemed to want my attention.

Engaging with a Visiting Entity

February 13, 2014

Subject: 3:38 am

Hi Dr. Brian.

It is the wee hours of the morning, but I went to bed at 7:00 pm.  And I will probably go back to sleep after writing this.

I did make contact with the entity last night.  It was male but did not feel like my father.  It seems like something from another time, or at least another place.  I did not recognize this entity, though it claimed to know me and said it had been searching for me for a long time.

I made an audio recording of this encounter because I had a sense it would be important.  I prepared a space in my home. I designated two spots- one for me and one for the entity.  When I would speak, I would sit in my spot.  When it was time for the entity to speak, I would move to the spot I had designated for the entity and the entity would speak through me. During the communication, the entity said it was my “master” and that I was needed to help with the suffering of his people.  The exchange was very poignant.  I was crying most of the time . . . very deep sobbing.  Sometimes it was difficult to switch roles, to leave my energy and hold space for the “entity” to speak.  I explained to the entity that it did not need me in order to heal.  That we are all healers and that it needed to go back to its people and help them find their hearts and teach them to heal so their suffering could end.  I told the entity that it had the capacity to do this, that it did not belong here, and that I had to take care of my health and that I had work to do here.  The entity listened, and I said good-bye to it and wished it well, but could still feel it anchored in my aura, so I called in the protection I had begun the encounter with—I used a Buddha statue, a Hindu Gayatri statue, an angelic celestite crystal, a protective hematite crystal, a protective elestial crystal, and two candles for eternal light.  I had asked all these forces to protect me before beginning the encounter, to only let in what would serve my highest mental, physical, and spiritual functioning, and to keep out anything that would be harmful to me, and also to assist me with disengagement if need be.  So, at this point, I called for assistance to disengage.  I started using my body in a kind of strong dance, chanting the word “clear” loudly and powerfully and declaring that only light could exist in my soul and aura.  I asked the powers assisting me to remove this visiting force and send it back to where it had come from.  Shortly I could feel that it was all over.

Honestly, none of this makes cognitive sense to me, though it felt quite real.  When working in other realms, I find this to be the case sometimes.  There are so many things beyond our comprehension, though sometimes my work in other realms has been chillingly clear.  All I really care about is that it now feels over and that the foreign energy no longer feels like it’s lurking.  Again, the consciousness came during our session.  I did not know that that energy was still present with me until I lay on your table today.  I think that when our energies—yours and mine—combine, there is a heightened state of consciousness for me.  Also, because I feel supported, it feels safer to be aware.

Some of this may seem strange to you.  In the last year, I have encountered things that I previously would not have believed in.  I have come to understand that my “illness” and my “purpose” are layered in things far beyond this concrete world we live in.  Out of necessity and survival, I had to open myself to these other realms.  It was not all just dark energies.  I also found that there are great spiritual/angelic forces supporting me.

Dr. Brian, I could not survive what I am going through if it were simply for myself.  There has just been too much suffering.  It is my commitment to a greater cause and the genuine care within my heart that fuels me.  It holds me during the difficult times; without it, surely I would just have given in to death.  It is by far the easier option.  

I know I’ve shared a lot.  Thank you for your patience in reading through it.  Big breath :)

see you on Friday :)



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