I met Sheryl at a crystal fair where we were both renting booths. I was advertising my work as a crystal healer, and she was promoting Young Living Essential Oils. We started chatting and hit it off, and she introduced me to the essential oils, which I started using in a healing capacity. We also became friends.

Detox Reaction from Essential Oils

November 29, 2013


Every time I use the oils, I notice a red “line” appears on my skin.  The marks look like scratch marks, but many of the “scratches” are places I cannot easily reach with my hands.  The marks may not be anywhere near where I placed the oil.  They usually surface within 24 hours after the oil has been applied and are usually gone within 24–36 hours after that.  The exception to this was when my whole back broke out in a rash—small bumps—that took probably about 4–5 days to completely clear.

The marks in the photo below were on my back.  They disappeared in a day.  Once the marks disappear, there is no trace of them.

The marks appear every time I use the oils.  It doesn’t matter which oil I use, whether I dilute the oil, or where I place it on my body; these marks appear.

Sheryl, can you please send these photos to your teachers and those you consult with?  I don’t understand why these marks are appearing and it’s a little scary.

While I have been diagnosed with cancer, I do not necessarily think this reaction has anything to do with that diagnosis, but you can feel free to share that info with whomever you consult if you think it would be helpful.




Sheryl got consistent feedback from her inquiries that the marks on my body were part of a detox reaction to the oils. The Young Living Essential Oils are very powerful, and just one or two drops can cause a reaction if you are sensitive to that particular oil. Since oils are commonly applied to the skin, that is often the site of detox reactions. Because of the potency of the oils, it is best to introduce the oils to your body slowly and with caution. It is also helpful to consult with professionals who are familiar with the oils if you have any kind of detox reaction or concern.


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