Spiritual Jewelry

From top to Bottom – ammonite pyrite, moonstone, black tourmaline

This pendant was my first piece of spiritual jewelry. Before I discovered the healing powers of stones and crystals, I had purchased and worn jewelry but had never given any consideration to the spiritual and metaphysical properties of gems. I just bought what appealed to me visually.

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Crystal Healing–My Story

My path to crystals began with a search for protection.  I was about to complete my training as a psychotherapist.  I had become increasingly concerned about my tendency to take on and retain the energy of my clients and wondered how I could better protect myself.  I became very curious how other people who worked therapeutically kept their energy clear.  I decided to ask Barbara, my massage therapist.

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Sweet Purple Green

From left to right: fluorite, amethyst, chariote

endfiligree2Sweet purple green

vibrant, vital

gentle in its support

grounded in purpose


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