Since I tried conventional cancer treatment twice- including a mastectomy of the right breast- and the cancer had returned for a third time, this time metastasized—I decided it was time for a new approach. I began my exploration of alternative treatments for cancer that were not harmful and cruel to the body and spirit.

Cancer is just Energy

October 13, 2013

To: inner circle

For those of you who have an interest in my future and well-being, thank you for your support. I canceled my oncologist appointment this morning because it became clear that I was not willing to do chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or hormone therapy. Since that is all that conventional medicine has to offer at this time, it seemed pointless to keep my appointment. I felt pressure to go along with the system, and the oncologist’s office called me several times in an attempt to get me to keep my appointment, but in the end, letting go brought a giggle and a smile to my face.

I cleared my father and I will clear the cancer. It is just energy. However, the world is not ready for this truth. They have too much invested in their perceptions—both the doctors and those suffering from illness.

I am beginning my search for professional support in my quest to treat my cancer through alternative methods. There are many potential doctors and support people on this path, but it will take time to find those who are the right fit for me.

I am done with “the old.” It will just take a little time to master and solidify “the new.”



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