Alkaline Diet

It is hypothesized that cancer flourishes in an acidic body and cannot survive in an alkaline body.

The general concept of an alkaline body seems simple on the surface, but in reality it’s a complex issue and experts differ greatly in their opinions. The two areas where opinions vary are: 1) What is an “ideal pH”? And 2) How is the pH of the body measured?

Regarding the fist point—determining “ideal pH”—such a number may be a myth, for many experts say that different organs and systems in the body have different “ideal pH” levels, making the concept of one ideal target number not particularly relevant.

The second point—measuring body pH—is not clear-cut either and can be equally confusing. But there are ways to get a window into your body’s possible pH. One method is through testing your urine with pH test strips. These can easily be obtained at many stores or your neighborhood pharmacy. Urine will run a wider range in pH than other fluids in your body, so this test should be used only as a potential indication of your body’s pH; the urine pH is not necessarily a mirror of blood pH. You can also use these same strips to test your saliva.

While experts disagree about many factors relevant to this subject, most pretty much agree that diet is the best way to control your pH. Generally speaking, an alkaline diet is primarily plant-based and avoids sugar, dairy, wheat and other high-gluten grains, as well as an excess consumption of fruits, emphasizing fresh cruciferous vegetables and greens. Depending on your goals, if you are concerned about body pH, you generally want to consume more alkaline-forming foods than acid-forming foods. Although counterintuitive, acidic foods don’t always produce acidity in your body. Lemon, for instance—which is most definitely acidic—actually creates an alkaline-forming effect in your body. And that’s what we’re after—that alkaline-forming effect. To find out which foods are acid-forming and which are alkaline-forming, you can consult this chart.

While this chart may be helpful, be sure not to think of these food charts as a Bible because the experts also disagree on which foods are alkaline forming and which are acid forming. For instance, Dr. Oz includes beer and wine on the alkaline-forming foods list, while other sites, such as the chart in the previous link, list beer and wine among the extremely acid-forming foods.

Also, in addition to the food you eat, juicing greens and vegetables every day is one of easiest ways to create an alkaline and healthy system.

The bottom line is, what you put into your body is extremely important and reflects in your overall health. However, there is so much conflicting information about food and diet and how they relate to cancer, it can make a person’s head spin. For me, I had to stop listening to all the “experts” and start trusting and listening to my own body. There are a few major guidelines that I try to follow, but I try not to be dogmatic about anything. I encourage you to educate yourself, but to only adopt what works for you.

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