This letter is written to my movement theater group. We were fortunate to study and learn specific theater techniques known as Moving Theater. I became friendly with the women in this class and they became a boulder of support— before, during, and after the mastectomy.

After the Mastectomy 1

July 25, 2011

To: theater group

Love to all of you. I am home and have been resting in my own bed. Very tired, but mostly an emotional drain. The hospital experience was treacherous far beyond the obvious surgery. Everything happened so quickly. Still feels kind of like a dream. Will take time to sink in.

So appreciative of all your support. Over the next two days I suspect I will need to spend a great deal of time in silence. I do not have the energy to discuss the experience or to take much in beyond what is inside me. I still welcome calls and e-mails. If I am resting, I will not pick up and it will not disturb me. Tomorrow I go to the doctor. There is a limousine service that will pick me up, wait for me, and drive me home. I have a live-in nurse for the week. She is cooking, cleaning, attending to medical needs, etc., so I can just rest. Already had a good meal. I am highly mobile and in no physical pain—have not been on any pain medication for 72 hours.

There is still the underlying anxiety of the final pathology report, which will be received Tuesday or Wednesday. This report will let me know if the cancer has spread beyond my breast.

Please stay in touch . . .


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