After a few weeks on my new treatment protocol prescribed by Dr. Halle (my naturopath oncologist), I feel more optimistic about my future. I share with Dr. Brian (my light touch chiropractor) the components of this new treatment plan. Dr. Halle addresses not only my medical issues but also the spiritual and psychological issues underlying my cancer.

A New Sense of Hope

April 15, 2014

Subject: very exciting news!

Dr. Brian . . . I feel a little bit like I’m dreaming—for the first time in a long time, I actually believe I might totally beat this cancer.  That optimism is based on the protocol Dr. Halle has prescribed, which I will outline below:

[Please note the descriptions of each of the components below are not FDA approved statements.  Please do not begin this protocol or any medical regime without consulting with appropriate health professionals.]

1.  Intravenous Vitamin C

Vitamin C, when given in a large dose, can penetrate cancer cells and kills them but does not harm healthy cells.  Dr. Halle says the results have run the range—from no effect, to some reduction in cancer, to total elimination of cancer.  They are unclear as to the factors that make it a successful treatment for some but not for others.

2.  DIM—the broccoli supplement

This supplement is prescribed to increase the rate at which estrogen is removed from circulation by the liver.  This is VERY exciting because my cancer is HIGHLY estrogen sensitive, meaning that estrogen is its food. 

3.  Turkey Tail Mushroom supplement

Prescribed to increase NK cell function and activity.  NK cells are natural killer cells in the body that attack and kill cancer cells

4.  Meriva supplement

Prescribed to reduce inflammation.

5.  Wobenzym supplement

Cancer cells are encased in a protective coating.  This supplement is prescribed to help break down that coating.

6.  Liver Protect

Prescribed to restore liver function.

Besides prescribing my new medical protocol, Dr. Halle is supporting me in addressing some of the spiritual and psychological issues underlying my cancer.  In addition to being a naturopath oncologist, Dr. Halle is also a shaman and, as I told you, has been helping me see the link between my self-destructive rage and the cancer.  He recommended the book Soul Retrieval, which I already started, and he had some helpful suggestions as to what to do when I feel the suicidal rage.  Also, there is a shaman ceremony that I can participate in to help me retrieve the “lost parts of my soul” and address the suicidal rage.

The doctor says there are not many side effects to this new medical protocol I am beginning, so I should still be able to have a good quality of life.  I have been injected with optimism (though I know nothing is guaranteed), but I am quite impressed with this new treatment plan.  I feel hope, after beginning to feel that my situation was hopeless.  We will do a blood test in about two weeks to see if there is any change and to evaluate further steps based on that info.



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