After speaking with professionals at Stella Maris and Angeles Oncology, I choose Angeles Oncology. I share the news with Dr. Brian, my light touch chiropractor. Though there are no guarantees, I feel at peace with my decision.

A Decision Is Made

May 3, 2014

Subject: decision making

Hi Dr. Brian.

I spoke with both clinics today—the outpatient clinic, Stella Maris, and the hospital, Angeles Oncology. Both are in Tijuana.My decision ended up being a gut decision. There were many factors to evaluate and, in the end, I accepted the many unknowns and went with my intuition. I tried to stay calm during the decision-making process so that I could stay open and connected to the light. Making a decision in a state of stress and contraction limits vision. We cannot clearly see options, or our path, when we are highly stressed. In a sense, stress creates blindness. When we’re calm, our vision opens and expands. Solutions seem to arrive out of nowhere.I ended up choosing Angeles Oncology for several reasons. Angeles offers immunotherapy that is not offered at Stella Maris. Immunotherapy, very simply put, uses cutting-edge technology to help the immune system return to its normal, healthy state . . . When the immune system is strong and healthy, it can execute its functions with more ease, including killing cancer cells.

I also had a strong positive response to my phone interview with Dr. Perez, the director of Angeles Oncology. I felt a strong connection to him. He was very thorough in his evaluation. He also understood the importance of positive attitude. He said success of cancer treatment is determined 90 percent by attitude and 10 percent by treatment. I found Dr. Perez to be personally positive, as well. When he reviewed my records, he noted all the places the cancer had spread and the implications, but he also noted all the signs of health. This was very impressive coming from an industry that almost exclusively focuses on the negative.

So, for all these reasons, I chose Angeles Oncology. There are no guarantees but I feel carried by angel wings. I will contact you by email when I arrive at the hospital.

It is scary . . . but it’s also an adventure. I plunge into the unknown with curiosity and courage.

Wish me well on my journey.



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