This site is not designed to prescribe or cure. It is designed to encourage free will and acceptance. When I have achieved full recovery from cancer, I will not say I have found “the cure.” I will simply have found what worked for me.

I don’t believe there is a universal cure for cancer. I believe each person and situation is unique. What works for one person, may not work for another. I share my journey because I have a need to, and because I hope it may benefit others in some way.

I am upfront with my bias against the current Western approach to dealing with cancer.  I did it twice their way without success. My body still cries, and asks me “why?”  I can not give my body an answer. I just ask for its forgiveness.

I do wish for treatments that are not cruel and harmful to the body. I wish that for all human beings. But my goal is not to convince others to go the alternative route which is usually much less toxic. That route is not for everyone. I just wish to support people in making choices that are truly in alignment with their deepest authentic self and wishes. If you feel the Western approach is truly right for you, then it is. Cancer has brought me some of my deepest moments of despair, but it has also ripped me open, revealing my humanness and deepening my path of self discovery. I have three names for my cancer–My Teacher, The Intervention and The Visitor.

Welcome to my wild ride ;)

[Ultimately, through my ongoing journey and evolution, I realized that a blend of Eastern and Western approaches would best serve me. Alienation of the Western approach did not turn out to be the answer for me.]


About Me

Cancer has helped me shed many skins to find the radiant core within. It has become one of my most profound teachers.

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I love to communicate and create. It is my pleasure to share with you my thoughts and insights both in video and in writing.

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My Healing Tools

Here you will find the healing tools I’ve used throughout my journey. I share my experience with both conventional and alternative treatments.

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